“When you first witness Bryan play the electric guitar it can be daunting.  Kind of like a punch in the gut.  Once you are past that you should probably just reach out to him.  It’s so inspiring to converse about music concepts with Bryan and it’s fantastic to hear him speak about his musical approach.  While I’ve yet to conquer the tasks he has given me I will keep much of his wisdom with me in my playing, in any setting, forever.  He truly is an inspiring guitarist, musician, and teacher.  If I were you, whoever you are, I’d study with Bryan if you can."
- Alex Losardo, London, England
"Bryan was incredibly professional and has a unique attention to detail that sets him apart from your normal guitar lesson. I bought a pack of lessons and in between each lesson I'd have a few questions that I'd email him. Instead of saying "cool we'll get to that next week", I would get a mini-essay going much further in depth and opening my eyes to many more possible answers to my questions. It really showed me how much Bryan is willing to rise to occasion when his student is enthusiastic and curious. My favorite teachers throughout my life are the ones who lead by example, and Bryan does a great job of doing that."
-Elliott Klein, Los Angeles, United States
"I first met Bryan while studying at Berklee College of Music between 2002-2006. I was immediately in awe of Bryan's virtuosity and harmonic mastery. I have continued to watch and listen as a fan since that time, and strongly believe that Bryan is one of the best guitarists in the world. I am now at a point in my own career where I want to take my playing to the next level. I am striving to be able to play in the styles of my heroes like Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, and Frank Gambale. I knew that I needed the help of someone with true mastery of the instrument, so I contacted Bryan. In a short amount of time I have already seen major changes. The way I practice is far more effective. The control and understanding of "outside" playing is improving dramatically. I am filling the holes in my harmonic knowledge. My timing and groove has also been improving. We have set up a plan on how to tackle the goals I have set, and I am truly enjoying the process. I'm extremely humbled by the process, and very enthusiastic to see where this goes over time. Best of all, I'm having a lot of fun! Bryan has the perfect balance of being laid back to make the student comfortable, while still offering knowledge that few in the world have. I give Bryan Baker my highest recommendation!"
- Manny Martinez, Salem, Oregon
"The first time I took a lesson from Bryan Baker was in 2005. At that time, I was a student in Berklee and every other guitarist I met (it seems) was raving about this guitarist named Bryan Baker. People told me things like, “Bryan teaches better than the teachers at Berklee: or “Dude, you gotta take a class with him”. Many of my friends at that time took lessons with Bryan (and not just guitarists!).Over the course of probably 6 to 10 private lessons, Bryan showed me different compositional exercises, improvisational techniques, practice strategies & just his thought process. It’s still to date, ranks among some of the best music lessons I ever took in my life.I’ve always admired Bryan’s deep dedication to the art & craft of music. This is embodied uncompromisingly in every composition, EP, album, book or video he has released. Bryan is an artist to the core. Bryan is the opposite of what mainstream music commands. He follows his heart & via his lessons - he teaches you to do the same, to explore your creative potential, to be honest and to work hard.If you’re thinking of taking any lessons with Bryan, I recommend him whole-heartedly without hesitation. Just beware that Bryan might tell you things that will challenge you musically & philosophically. Thanks Bryan for your work, music & teaching. You’re the best man.”
- Az Samad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"It's not often that you get to learn directly from the people who musically inspire you, which is why having lessons with Bryan has been such a determining experience to me. He not only showed me a completely unique and fresh approach to improvisation but he also encouraged me to explore the wildest side of my music personality and guitar playing."

- Alessandro, London, UK