Bryan Baker now offers the acclaimed study plans, practice routines, philosophies and methods he has been teaching to masterclass and university audiences worldwide for over a decade to the individual musician, regardless of where you live or what you personal schedule is like. 

Designed with the working musician, as well as the hobbyist or aspiring professional in mind, Bryan's individualized lesson plans and one-on-one teaching style aim to aid the student in achieving any level of mastery sought, whether harmonic, technical, compositional, improvisational, or any combination thereof. 

If you are residing in, or visiting Los Angeles, lessons can be conducted at Bryan's personal studio, which is centrally located and easily accessed. If you are interested in remotely taking lessons with Bryan, Skype, FaceTime, LyteSpark, GoToMeeting, and Join.Me are all services he has used extensively for this purpose, and therefore can be chosen based on your preference. 

Scheduling lessons is easy with Bryan. You both simply fill out a Doodle online, coordinate your schedules, and you're all set! 

Pricing structures for lessons with Bryan are as follows: 

Due to the inherently noncommittal nature of internet lessons and agreements, Bryan requires that payment for any and all lessons be paid for in full using either PayPal, or Zelle prior to the taking of your first lesson. This commits both you and Bryan to the scheduling and terms agreed upon and guarantees a smooth and easy lesson process. 

And that's it! 

Go ahead and contact Bryan with any and all questions you might have regarding taking lessons with him, or to schedule your lessons now!