Bryan Baker has inspired and amazed audiences, reviewers and musicians alike since he began his professional career at the age of 12 with his utterly singular and technically ferocious guitar style. Often referred to as, "an incredible mix of the harmonic advancements of Ornette Coleman, the fire of Jimi Hendrix, the precision and power of Meshuggah and Pantera and with his love of risk and the avant garde similar to Sonic Youth," Bryan Baker's guitar style has carved out an immovable and impossible to replicate place for himself within the modern music scene.

Having received a full tuition scholarship to attend the Los Angeles Music Academy at age 13 and a full tuition scholarship to the renowned Berklee College of Music at age 16, Bryan's destiny as a groundbreaking guitarist seems to have been written since day one, and is not a destiny he takes lightly.

With six critically and publicly acclaimed solo albums under his belt, five world tours. a widely sold instructional book and numerous performances with internationally recognized artists, Bryan Baker is only getting started cementing his foothold within the world of music and the guitar.

Famous for both his musical and personal intensity, as well as his workaholic nature, Bryan is currently in the process of writing and recording the second album for his Roots/Doom/Sludge band Black Baptista as well as writing and recording the debut album for his Progressive/Technical/ Extreme metal band Vesser. In addition to this and many of Bryan's side projects, he has begun a follow up to "Principles Of Music," an instructional book entitled "Between The Notes: concepts for discovering your voice within the world of non-tonal harmony." Release date to be scheduled in 2015.